Mum blogging – take two

I write most days. Sometimes in my journal, often on my IPad and loads on my many lists. I do consider writing lists somewhat of an art form. I also write for work as yours truly orĀ under cover for other websites so when I decided to write a blog combining my work and home life I thought it would flow freely from my fingertips and I would enjoy the whole experience.

Ummm not quite the case really. I started in September and loved it as it provided me with the opportunity to use my creativity but it wasn’t quite right. Probably because I’d been on maternity for a while and missing certain aspects of my work life . If I’m honest I was more wrapped up in the appearance and the technical stuff and although I hadn’t set out to, I just couldn’t help treating it like work. So instead of being my opportunity to share and write about my thoughts and god forbid my feelings I was thinking too much about the posts. So when my Nan had a stroke and Max was unwell and I stopped work on other projects for a while my blog just sort of fizzled away….

Until now that is. That was my mum blog part one, my false start if you will.

The posts I’m sure are a worthy read and they were penned by me but mum blogging part two is going to be me just writing about what I fancy for a while and hoping that sometimes what I share will be of use to someone out there either because it is informative or makes them feel better because I’m so daft at times or just that they are not alone. Until I find my ‘style’ I’ll just write away when I want if the mood takes me without any pressure. I’m not going to touch the lay out or those darn plugins which can get you hooked for hours. I’m not going to think about ratings or what people want to read for the time being. I’m just going to write. After all it’s just my blog:-)

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